Alex Paganelli

Professional Food stylist, menu & product developer

Alex comes from a multicultural background, having an Italian father and a British mother. In addition, he was raised in France where he was heavily influenced by French and Italian cooking. During his early years, he lived in the French Alps and later in the French Riviera. He specialises in classic French cuisine with an emphasis on baking and Viennoiserie as well as chocolate making, which he learned while working in Switzerland. Since moving to London 11 years ago he has had the opportunity to train in the various kitchens of the Capital. This has lead to a particular interest in Asian, South American and Modern European cooking techniques. Alex currently consults for new City start-up, Olive + Squash. He creates seasonal recipes, based on the farm-to-table concept, which he then adapts for the high street. Alex is also a regular contributor to Ferment, the UK’s leading craft beer magazine. Client list: Nowness, Mulberry, Downton Abbey, Siemens, McDonald’s, Weight Watchers, Byron Hamburgers, Supreme, BBC Good Food amongst others.


Mulberry: Christmas

Nowness: Ice Cream | Sandwich

McDonald’s:  McCafe Festive




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