laura sawyer – housewife/waiting: set and prop styling

July 4th, 2014

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, set design, Style Department

set design and props by Laura Sawyer . photographer: Michael Lockie

Laura Sawyer, prop and set stylist,  loves to spend her rare spared time going to shows to explore and develop inspiring new ideas for shoots.   The inspiration  for this series came  from Laura’s  visit  to  the   Miles Aldridge  exhibition, I only want you to love me, at  Somerset  House last year.  Michael  was  also  very  dazzled  by  the  glassy  eyed  models  in  his  work that was displayed at the exhibition in  large-scale photographic prints from throughout his career, and some unseen work was in display too.

The 50’s  inspired housewives  waiting  for  someone/something, the emptiness,  the loneliness was the main idea proposal. The amazing location was  in London,  Dulwich,  near  the  college. Laura hired the props from West London props house and  Superhire.

The  props that bring the whole idea together are the  vacuum  cleaner,  rubber  gloves,  the  booze/whiskey,  the  Hitchcock-inspired  telephone.  But  one of the objects that really caught Laura’s eye was  the  porcelain dog. One  of  those  props  that  Laura  just had to  have.  One of the  favourite  images  is  the  one  with  the  dog  by  the  fireplace,  with  the  model  and  the  dog  looking  off  in  the  same  direction.  It just makes you wonder what caught their attention. what was happening out the picture.

Another loved image is the one with the telephone prop.  Michael, the photographer  and  Laura discussed  the  lines  and  angles  in  this  shot  for  a while,  and  just feel in love with them. The stunning  furniture  was  already in the location  house.

Prop stylist: Laura Sawyer

Photographer: Michael Lockie

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, set design

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, set design

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, set design