Olia Hercules, food stylist _ new work

September 30th, 2014

Olia Hercules, FoodStylist, Style Department

Food stylist Olia Hercules and food photographer Joakim Blockstrom have been working together for a while and decided to do a test together. Joakim came up with the snail concept, and Olia came up with the Jamon foot vibe. They both wanted to do something visceral and delicious at the same time.

Olia sourced the edible snails from Helen Howard who has a farm in Kent. Very sensitive, Olia had said sorry to each of one of them before they got blanched.

Joakim read somewhere that snails love grapefruit;  Olia came up with the idea of cooking the snails with grapefruit garlic butter. Then they discovered that the snails look quite pretty out of their shells too so I sauteed some with bits of jamon, lemon zest, parsley and sourdough crumbs for texture.

The idea of the jamon shots happened after Olia went to visit her friend’s jamon bar called Tozino in Maltby St.; Tozino translates as the superior part of fat on a jamon leg . He kindly gave Olia a bone from his most expensive jamon reserva. He advised Olia to put the hooves into the stock; she can use it as the most flavoursome stirring spoon.

Olia came up with the salads by chance,  after looking at ‘eat the seasons’ website. Olia lives near Green Lanes and weirdly almost every Turkish shop sells cobnuts which are fresh, creamy and tender – perfect with the figs.

That was one of Olia’s favourite and creative test shoots to date. Olia loves breaking  the mould and so does Joakim; she feels quite lucky to have been working  with him, testing and pushing her creativity.

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Olia Hercules, Food Stylist, Style Department