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Rebecca Woods

July 23rd, 2017

professional food stylist, recipe writer and developer and cookery editor

Rebecca Woods has always had a passion for food, which saw her working in commercial kitchens from a young age. After spending years editing and developing cookery books, she completed a Cordon Bleu Diploma and successfully moved into professional food styling. She now styles, writes recipes and still keeps her hand in on editorial work for commercial clients and publishers
Client list: Pavilion, Vermilion, Harper Collins, Quadrille, Nourish Books, Carlton Books, BBC Good Food magazine, Olive magazine and Greatcoat Films

Mr Hyde – National Burger Day





Alex Paganelli

June 1st, 2017

Professional Food stylist, menu & product developer

Alex comes from a multicultural background, having an Italian father and a British mother. In addition, he was raised in France where he was heavily influenced by French and Italian cooking. During his early years, he lived in the French Alps and later in the French Riviera. He specialises in classic French cuisine with an emphasis on baking and Viennoiserie as well as chocolate making, which he learned while working in Switzerland. Since moving to London 11 years ago he has had the opportunity to train in the various kitchens of the Capital. This has lead to a particular interest in Asian, South American and Modern European cooking techniques. Alex currently consults for new City start-up, Olive + Squash. He creates seasonal recipes, based on the farm-to-table concept, which he then adapts for the high street. Alex is also a regular contributor to Ferment, the UK’s leading craft beer magazine. Client list: Nowness, Mulberry, Downton Abbey, Siemens, McDonald’s, Weight Watchers, Byron Hamburgers, Supreme, BBC Good Food amongst others.


Mulberry: Christmas

Nowness: Ice Cream | Sandwich

McDonald’s:  McCafe Festive




Juliet Sear

August 19th, 2016

Professional Food artist and food stylist, consultant, cookery writer and recipe developer


Juliet is a London based food artist, author, baker and consultant. Food is at the heart of everything she does. Juliet is passionate, incredibly creative, and she has a sharp eye for details.

Her fabulous baking, cake and decorating are well known around London. She has cooked for thousands of folks including celebrities and fantastic stores including royal grocer Fortnum and Mason. Nothing excites Juliet more than an edible challenge ‘ I love the creativity and fun involved in bringing people’s ideas to life through the medium of food’. She has worked for corporate events, PR campaigns, edible art installations or celebrations as well as TV and advertising. Juliet has experience and she ‘s very accomplished  with savoury food too.

Her clients include: Dr Oetker, The Cake & Bake show, Discovery, Billington’s, Nielsen-Massey, SilverSpoon, Kitchen Aid, Mizkan, The One Show, C5, Sky One, C4 Sunday Brunch, BBC1, ITV, Sky, PushPR, Kiiki K, Cadbury, Pizza Express, Renshaw, Borough Market, Marc Jacobs, The Body Shop, Cravendale, Wieden + Kennedy, Lakeland, Live Nation, Drop Dead, Legoland, Dune, Steve Madden, Claire’s Accessories, Hardie Grant, KitchenAid, Microplane.The Oxford Literary Festival and Ambassador for Circulon (QVC)


Cake Art







Home Economist and food styling

January 27th, 2016

professional food styling, home economist, Style Department

ph: Ali Allen

What’s a Home Economist?

Since time immemorial the term “home economics” has been synonymous with cooking and food. While this fact rings true, there is more to home economics than just food and culinary art. It’s a combination of a plethora of aspects that interrelate to form one course study. These elements include finance, parenting skills, cooking, nutrition, and science. Home economists learn the relationships between these aspects and the management of resources.

The essence of a home economist learning all these aspects and their interrelation is not just to make them professionals in the field, but to also provide them valuable and necessary insight about the profession. This, in turn, helps them to:

•    Comprehend modern eating patterns and the role the consumer plays in affecting them

•    Importance of good health and overall nutrition to the body

•    Choose the best types of foods to be eaten and how food behaves under different circumstances.

•    Plan on the best ways to cook healthy, nutritious and economical meals, and

•    Find out what’s precisely contained in foods that we consume daily

What Do Home Economist Do?

A home economist may choose to be a generalist, or better, specialise in a particular subject area of their choice. Home economists can, amongst all other things, involve themselves with teaching and educating the community, informing, advising the government and the general industry on how to make improvements and informed choices of their lifestyles.  Some aspects of food styling require a more specialised and trained stylist, for example, working with ice creams, coffees and other more complex projects, a home economist is called for due to their knowledge and experience in particular fields.

Home economists are, in reality, competent in many areas of culinary, including food styling. They are also involved with designing and evaluation of products, design and planning of meals, offering assistance on matters health, teaching independent skills to all and sundry and by extension, they make good educationists. Often they’re mistaken for food stylists – well; that’s because they are. They cook, arrange food and sometimes special effects for stills and video shoots together with props masters and special effects designers.

Besides law and advocacy, home economists make good restaurant managers, hospital and school administrators thanks to their nutrition, menu planning and food designing skills. (Family and Consumer Sciences is the modern name for home economics).

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Steffi Knowles-Dellner

December 8th, 2015

Professional food stylist, recipe developer and food writer

Steffi is a Swedish expat who has lived in Brussels, Florence, New York and Northern England before settling in London. She has trained as a chef at Leiths School of Food and Wine.  There, she won their BBC Good Food award and worked at the magazine before going freelance.

She has a razor sharp eye for detail and composition loves striving to get the perfect shot.  Her reliable and hard working nature has seen her regularly working with PR companies, celebrity chefs, publishers, global and domestic brands, advertising agencies and production companies. She teaches Scandinavian cookery classes and regularly writes and comments about Scandinavian and Swedish food in print, online and radio.

Clients include:  M&S, The Co-op, Waitrose, Tesco, BBC Good Food, Peters Yard, The Sunday Times, Scan Meatballs, Weight Watchers, Ebury Publishing and Penguin Random House.





Olia Hercules

September 4th, 2014

professional food stylist, chef, recipe developer and food writer

Leith’s trained chef, food writer and stylist Olia Hercules grew up in Soviet Ukraine. Her family history covers half the Eurasian continent from Siberia to Azerbaijan.Through her cooking, professional styling and writing Olia transport us into her rich culinary heritage with the classic comfort food, vibrant and seasonal ingredients. Her culinary repertoire is vast and keeps expanding. Seasonality plays a great role in her cooking,

She honed her cooking skills in the fiery kitchens of Ottolenghi  and afterwards working as a freelance recipe tester and developer for a variety of food magazines, including Sainsbury’s and Jamie’s, and appeared in a Food Network cookery show Red, Hot and Yummy.

She helped launch online start up The Recipe Kit, writing, testing and editing over 400 recipes in seven months, and styling more than 130 dishes.  She has just finished writing and shooting her cookbook out in 2015.

Olia has  styled Hungry House printed advertising campaign and tv commercial, as well as the cookbook Slow Cooking for Ebury Press (Random House). Her tantalising  recipes are regularly featured in 10 Best column of The Guardian’s Cook supplement.

Here is her video for The Guardian Cook, cooking Ukrainian dishes.

‘Nominated by  The Observer rising star 2015’



Drinks folio

Alice Adams

October 4th, 2013

professional food stylist and home economist, food and prop stylist

London-Rome based food stylist Alice Adams brings her love of authentic food, simple design and seasonal produce to every job.  Early in her career Alice was lucky to assist Australian’s most respected food photography stylist Maureen McKeon, and to work with a stable of talented Melbourne photographers.  Her intense passion for food and culture led her to Italy, where she absorbed the secrets of the Italian kitchen, bringing this knowledge to her recent work with International photographers.  She researched, translated and wrote all the recipes for Internationally renowned photographer, Robyn Lea’s ‘Discovering Food, Fashion and Family in a Private City’, and styled and contributed recipes to Susan Wrights’s ‘Secret Rome’
Alice’s clients include Tropical Sun, Qantas, Oggi Cucino, Houseguests Magazine, Betty Crocker TV commercials and books:  Secret Rome,  Milan: Discovering Food, Fashion and Family in a Private City among others.

More videos and TVC :

Saffron Rissotto

Lifts any mood – Asian

Beth Crocker – Everyday homemade snack

Sue Townsend

July 4th, 2012

Professional Home economist, Food stylist, cookery writer, developer and tester

With 10 cookery books to her name and film credits that include Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, where she has 247 cakes in one scene alone! and Stephen King’s 1408, preparing food for the restaurant scene,  it is no surprise that Sue is the first choice for many in search of a Cookery Writer, Food Stylist,  Home Economist, Product Developer or Recipe Tester. Proficient both editorially and in the realms of packaging, advertising, feature films, commercials and video, Sue marries organisation with flare to achieve unfailingly professional results, while maintaining a relaxed yet attentive manner that makes her a joy to work with.

Creative recipe writing and product development, Clients include IPC Media and Tesco

clients: Bryt, Tesco, Waitrose, Northern Foods, Maldon Salts,  British Airways, Caffe Nero, Elsinore Foods, AB Foods, Bakkavor, Dolphin Films, GK Films, Symingtons, Marriages Flour, Munchy Seeds,  Patak’s, Cole’s Traditional Foods, 4creative, M&S, Premier Foods, Ambrosia, Morrisons, Nando’s, Eblex

2007 – TV commercials for  Bernand Matthews

2007 – 1408  feature film, Mikael Håfström, Dimensions Film

2010 / 2011 – Hugo – feature film , dir: Martin Scorsese, GK films

2011 –  Denman Productions, dir: Anthony Gambier-Parry, Caffe Nero

2013 – Kenwood lifestyle video – Greedy Media

2013 – Adjust your TV set – Lifestyle videos for M&S :

Leading ladies on style,

Leading ladies shwopping

2013 –  4Creative – Spots/TVC for The Taste UK

2013 – The Picture Production Company – Airwick TV spots

2013 – TwoFour – Cooks Question pilot

2014 – Hellmann’s makes it _ TVC, Stink TV , director: Andrew Lang

2014 – Game for Thrones , Series 5

2015 – Southern Comfort  – Social media

2016 – Agatha Raisin’ – for SKY TV

2016 – Nando’s Cinemagraph – Fino Platter

2016 – Tupperware shot in Paris

2016 – Patak’s

2016 Pizza Hut