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Pene Parker

January 11th, 2017

Prop | Set | Art Direction

Pene Parker is widely recognized for her creative approach, the elegance of her design, and her ability
to work flexibly to demanding schedules and budgets.

After an MA from the Royal College of Art and a period working for Olivetti in Milan and Burberry’s
in Barcelona, Pene was Art Director for Crabtree & Evelyn and created brand identities
and packaging for other high-end companies, including Duchy Originals and Fortnum & Mason.

Subsequently, Pene was Creative Director for BBC Worldwide, where she spent more than seven years
developing the BBC’s branding across books, DVDs and TV idents. Following this, she was Creative Director
at Mitchell Beazley, where she worked on all aspects of book design and layout on such bestsellers
as The Ginger Pig and Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Guide.

Since establishing Pene Parker Design in 2010, she has created bestselling books for such clients
as Ebury, Octopus Publishing, BBC Books, Simon & Schuster, Headline, Orion, Anova (for Pavilion),
Miller’s, Kyle Books and Parragon.

In addition to her work as Art Director and Designer, Pene is also in great demand as a stylist
and supplier of curated props for book, advertising and video shoots.

Pene’s working style is relaxed and efficient. She uses her breadth of experience to bring your ideas
to reality and to find the perfect style and approach whatever your project.

Food Prop


Photo Production: Sarsons Pickling Vinegar

October 5th, 2016

Sarsons Pickling Vinegars
Photo production: Style Department
Photography: Joff Lee
Props: Pene Parker
Food Stylist: Steffi Knowles-Dellner
Recipe Creation by Iain Pennington

Take a look at the ‘behind the scenes’ video  and images for the Sarson Pickling Vinegars shoot and the finals that were used in their most recent campaign.

The behind the scene video and photographs were shot by Joff Lee in his studio in Clerkenwell.

Steffi Knowles-Dellner, professional food stylist, Sarsons, Style Department

Steffi Knowles-Dellner, professional food stylist, Sarsons, Style Department Steffi Knowles-Dellner, professional food stylist, Sarsons, Style Department Steffi Knowles-Dellner, professional food stylist, Sarsons, Style Department pickled egg helicopter_food stytling Steffi Knowles-Dellner, professional food stylist, Sarsons, Style Department





Laura Sawyer, prop styling for Jameson

March 28th, 2015

Jameson Advertising .Prop stylist: Laura Sawyer. Ph: Martin WonnacottLaura Sawyer, prop stylist, Jameson, Style Department Prop Stylist Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, Jameson, Style Department Prop Stylist Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, Jameson, Style Department Prop Stylist Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, Jameson, Style Department Prop Stylist




Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, Jameson, Style Department Prop Stylist

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, Jameson, Style Department Prop Stylist

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, Jameson, Style Department Prop Stylist

Polly Rawlings

March 28th, 2015

Prop buyer for TV and commercials, prop stylist and set dresser

Polly is a very talented  prop buyer and stylist who has styled  shoots for Home Retail Group, covering advertising, catalogue and PR both printed and online and John Lewis. Polly is experienced  both in the studio and on location both in the UK and abroad for TV and Commercials on the prop buyer and set dresser capacity, giving her a wealth of experience which, coupled with her intrinsic ability to work to tight deadlines and budgets, make Polly an exceptional stylist who always achieves outstanding results.


Prop styling folio

Interiors and set dressing

Style Department – Update winter 2014-2015

January 14th, 2015

style department, food styling

Style Department stylists have been very busy working behind the scenes at some great advertising campaigns,  TV programs, POS and other commercial projects. Some of them are not live yet, so we are looking forward to seeing some of our work out there sometime soon. Other than work, our stylists have been busy on appointments and testing non-stop, when they have spare time.

Here are some updates from our stylists:

Olia Hercules

Olia Hercules shoot with photographer Lydia Whitmore. Shot at Lydia’s Eastend studio, this was a partnership made in heaven.  Props were source by both Olia and Lydia.  Living in Harringay, possibly one of the most culturally diverse borough in North London, Olia was able to find beautiful and exotic produce from local grocers for this shoot.  The results are stunning! See more of her work:Olia Hercules

Olia Hercules, Food stylist, Style Department

food styling: Olia Hercules

In the last three months Olia has food styled for Hungry House print and worked on  the TV commercial, devised recipes for Bonapeti and it’s continuing work in-house for Whirlpool. Worked on behind the scenes of BBC series The Interceptor.  More food styling for  Heathrow Airport eateries – quite a few! Olia has been writing and frequently styling for The Guardian as well as writing and shooting her delicious forthcoming cookbook Mamushka.  She was also nominated Rising Star in food 2015 by The Observer.

Laura Sawyer

Laura has also worked on TV commercial for Mobia, Magnet – watch here: Magnet

Laura Sawyer’s playful monochrome story softened with a muted pallet of pop colours, shot by Jemma Watts. Laura worked on the set and propping.Props and accessories by James UK,  the most loved Anthropologie, ever reliable department store John Lewis, beautiful and intriguing objects from Cire Trudon and Smythson. Wallpapers: Cole & Son, Designers Guild and Camengo.   Despite some logistics nightmares, like the location being too small for the furniture to go upstairs,  Laura and Jemma delivered a lovely result. To view more of  images of this shoot: Laura Sawyer

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, Style Department, Monochrome

Monochrome story


Beautiful Winter Pastel shoot for 91 Magazine, prop and interior styling : Laura Sawyer

Laura Sawyer, Interior stylist, Style Department

Angela Boggiano

Beautiful work for Booths is just breathtaking! She was also very hands-on in choosing and organising the props. Angela’s just finished working on TVCommercial for Philadelphia. We are looking forward to seeing the results. To view more : Angela Boggiano

Angela Boggiano, Food stylist,Turkey Crown Bacon Lattice

Photo: Craig Robertson . Food styling: Angela Boggiano

Alice Adams

Alice has been busy shooting for Fiorucci foods  and their cafe style recipes with photographer Lorenzo Poli. She has also done a Pizza shoot with photographer Marie Sjoberg. To view more: Alice Adams

Fiorucci, Alice Adams, food stylist, Style Department Alice Adams, food stylist, pizza, Style DepartmentSue Townsend

Sue, very experienced home economist and food stylist,  has been working non-stop for Tesco. She has also worked on The Hellmann’s TV commercial, Iceland and a long project on Game of Thrones 5  in Ireland; series 5 is out this Spring – fantasy and period food. Very exciting and high profile projects. To view Sue’s work: Sue Townsend, food stylist

Sue Townsend, Geoff Feeney, food stylist, photographer, Style Department

photographer: Geoff Fenney . food styling: Sue Townsend


Phil Mundy

Phil’s food styled on the TV set for Chanel 4, recipe development and writing including  the shoot for Amex digital campaign, Haagen-Dazs, Quark and videos for Sainsbury’s. To view Phil’s TV and print work:Phil Mundy

Phil Mundy, Food stylist, Quark linguini, Style Department

photographer: Moe Kafer . Food stylist: Phil Mundy


Julia Azzarello

Who doesn’t like a cake for an afternoon tea? Julia Azzarello was busy shooting for Tesco Finest*  POS, InStore and packaging. here are some of her delicious food styling. For more work: Julia Azzarello

Julia Azzarello, food stylist, Tesco, Style Department Julia Azzarello, Tesco Finest, food stylist, Style Department


Prop and Set Styling

September 3rd, 2014

Laura Sawyer, Monochrome, Interior Stylist, Style Department

prop and set: Laura Sawyer, ph: Jemma Watts

A lot of preparation has to be put in place to achieve the best photographic results and to have the right prop and set stylist is imperative to achieve a fantastic result. Prop and set styling involves activities carried out to prepare objects and backgrounds prior to a photo or film shoot. It’s the responsibility of the prop stylist to figure out how they will arrange objects in order to enhance creativity and uniqueness of the project.

If you’re looking for a professional with skills in prop and set styling, you should find one with the best experience for the most amazing results.  Some people acquire their skills in props either through formal training, lots of assisting professional and established stylists and with time developing their own personal styles and approaches.

An experienced stylist understands the importance of having proper organisational skills and effectively coordinating behind the scenes activities. This is to realise perfect shots and demonstrate high standards of professional acumen and effectively relay the message to the intended audience. Many experienced and successful prop stylist professionals stumble upon their style by “accident”. Working on your own style and approach together with plenty of practice is the best way to understand how to deliver the best result.

Some food prop stylist professionals decide not to follow a set formula on food and prop styling. Creative individuals believe that ideas should be allowed to flow freely and not be “shoeboxed” into limiting oneself to specific ideas and concepts. Having your own approach and incorporating new ideas far from the ordinary is a perfect way to achieve excellent results.

When preparing props and backgrounds for food shoots, it’s good to study the client’s brief in detail to have an idea of the scene and mood that needs to be achieved. Are you looking for a vintage, modern, rustic, combinations or just plain simple design with minimal props? Have a checklist and determine whether your ideas fit within the scope and guidelines provided by the client. Becoming successful in food prop styling means that you need to find the best scenarios to enhance a dish and work towards achieving an unique scene answering a brief and brand guidelines.

The process of sourcing and buying props largely depends on the size of the production. Prop makers are usually required in order to deliver the best output. A prop stylist is usually required to visit various prop houses, shops and theatrical suppliers to buy or hire props. If you’re working on a tight budget, a good idea is to consider renting props to save costs and work within the budget restrictions provided. Always taking into account all the logistics involved in the delivery.

An interior stylist works to ensure that every still life image that appears in editorials, press platforms, advertising, TV, and feature films is top notch and appealing. They have a special ‘eye’ to place ornaments, furniture and extra props on a set that it’s creative and pleasing to the camera. This task requires much more than an eye for style and requires professionals to be proficient in trend forecasting, sourcing props, contractor booking and finding suitable locations, working out logistics.  Having a good relationships throughout the industry to get that special prop for the right project is of upmost importance.

Prop and set styling requires people who know they have a good taste and can convert these skills into use in an atmosphere that requires expertise. We can help with prop and set styling.

prop styling, Style Department

laura sawyer – housewife/waiting: set and prop styling

July 4th, 2014

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, set design, Style Department

set design and props by Laura Sawyer . photographer: Michael Lockie

Laura Sawyer, prop and set stylist,  loves to spend her rare spared time going to shows to explore and develop inspiring new ideas for shoots.   The inspiration  for this series came  from Laura’s  visit  to  the   Miles Aldridge  exhibition, I only want you to love me, at  Somerset  House last year.  Michael  was  also  very  dazzled  by  the  glassy  eyed  models  in  his  work that was displayed at the exhibition in  large-scale photographic prints from throughout his career, and some unseen work was in display too.

The 50’s  inspired housewives  waiting  for  someone/something, the emptiness,  the loneliness was the main idea proposal. The amazing location was  in London,  Dulwich,  near  the  college. Laura hired the props from West London props house and  Superhire.

The  props that bring the whole idea together are the  vacuum  cleaner,  rubber  gloves,  the  booze/whiskey,  the  Hitchcock-inspired  telephone.  But  one of the objects that really caught Laura’s eye was  the  porcelain dog. One  of  those  props  that  Laura  just had to  have.  One of the  favourite  images  is  the  one  with  the  dog  by  the  fireplace,  with  the  model  and  the  dog  looking  off  in  the  same  direction.  It just makes you wonder what caught their attention. what was happening out the picture.

Another loved image is the one with the telephone prop.  Michael, the photographer  and  Laura discussed  the  lines  and  angles  in  this  shot  for  a while,  and  just feel in love with them. The stunning  furniture  was  already in the location  house.

Prop stylist: Laura Sawyer

Photographer: Michael Lockie

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, set design

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, set design

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, set design

Helen Macintyre – set and prop stylist

June 22nd, 2014

Here is a round up of Helen’s work.

Hobbs, Helen Macintyre, prop stylist, set design

Boux Avenue, James Stroud, Helen Macintyre, prop stylist, set designn

Boux Avenue

Harpers Bazaar, Helen Macintyre, prop stylist, set design

Harpers Bazaar

Kinfolk, Helen Macintyre, prop stylist, set design

Kinfolk – Dreaming of cardboard

Muse, Helen Macintyre, prop stylist, set design


twin_ ben weller


world of interiors, Swatch, Helen Macintyre, prop stylist, set design

world of interiors – swatch

Pepe Jeans, Helen Macintyre, set design, prop stylist   Vogue Australia, Helen Macintyre, prop stylist, set design

Laura Sawyer prop styling

April 10th, 2014

Ant and Dec, Laura Sawyer, prop stylist And and Dec, Laura Sawer, prop stylist

Style Department : Update January 2014

January 26th, 2014

Here are some new work from our artists.

We  are so thrilled to have been busy with new and repeated clients.

We are thankful and looking forward to the New Year.

Alice Adams

new still work and Tropical Sun TV commercial

Alice Adams, food stylist

Alice Adams, food stylist

Sue Townsend

glorious baking for Ford campaign and The Taste UK trailer

Sue Townsend, food stylist, Ford

Julia Azzarello 

Advertising work for Sony, the perfect baking

Julia Azzarello, food stylist, Sony

Julia Azzarello, food stylist, Sony

Phil Mundy

delicious food styling for Haagen Dazs worldwide campaign

Phil Mundy, food stylist, Haagen-Dazs

Camilla Baynham

food styling for Waitrose

waitrose, Camilla Baynham, food stylist

Laura Sawyer
beautiful work for The White Company, interiors, set and props

White Compnay, Laura Sawyer, prop stylist

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, White Company



















Laura Sawyer- The White Company

January 7th, 2014

Some more lovely work from Laura Sawyer for The White Company

Photography: Malcom Menzes

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, White CompanyLaura Sawyer, prop stylist, White Company Laura Sawyer, Prop stylist, White Company WMDCB_XS13_D060

laura sawyer styling for the white company

December 16th, 2013

Boy girl LECAI_XS13_C066 whiet compnay nightwear

Laura Sawyer – Tate & Lyle Christmas campaign

December 1st, 2013

Set and prop styling by Laura Sawyer. photographer: Nathan Pask

19 Tate & Lyle Stir Up Sunday 20 Tate & Lyle Marys

Alice Adams

October 4th, 2013

professional food stylist and home economist, food and prop stylist

London-Rome based food stylist Alice Adams brings her love of authentic food, simple design and seasonal produce to every job.  Early in her career Alice was lucky to assist Australian’s most respected food photography stylist Maureen McKeon, and to work with a stable of talented Melbourne photographers.  Her intense passion for food and culture led her to Italy, where she absorbed the secrets of the Italian kitchen, bringing this knowledge to her recent work with International photographers.  She researched, translated and wrote all the recipes for Internationally renowned photographer, Robyn Lea’s ‘Discovering Food, Fashion and Family in a Private City’, and styled and contributed recipes to Susan Wrights’s ‘Secret Rome’
Alice’s clients include Tropical Sun, Qantas, Oggi Cucino, Houseguests Magazine, Betty Crocker TV commercials and books:  Secret Rome,  Milan: Discovering Food, Fashion and Family in a Private City among others.

More videos and TVC :

Saffron Rissotto

Lifts any mood – Asian

Beth Crocker – Everyday homemade snack

Spotlight: Laura Sawyer interior, prop & still life stylist

September 11th, 2013

It’s been a very busy and exciting time for Laura, who’s been working on some lovely new projects for M&S Flowers, Kenwood, The Times, Ploom, Tate & Lyle, The Guardian, Candezza  and  a week long Christmas shoot  for The White Company.  We are looking forward to seeing the results. To see more of Laura’s work : Laura’s gallery

For bookings and availability contact us on info@styledepartment or call us on +44 (0)208 6715260

4 Naomi Standing & Chair

interiors and prop styling for the Guardian, Naomi Campbell wears some of this season’s best new looks in a Hitchcock-inspired shoot. ph: Gustavo Papaleo


Times Magazine. Prop & Set Styling for shoot with Frank Lampard. Ph: Mitch Jenkins.

6 Dove

lovely interior shoot with Jon Aaron Green

LS_Shoot_Shot_2_077 1

lovely interior shoot with Jon Aaron Green

Ploom Still Life 1

prop styling for Ploom project

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 20.02.14

Tate – The Cake Hotel event in Central London – prop and set design

21 Matchstick

ph Jonathan Gooch


Laura Sawyer, prop styling for The Guardian /Naomi Campbell shoot

September 10th, 2013

Stunning new work by Laura Sawyer, interiors and prop styling for the Guardian, Naomi Campbell wears some of this season’s best new looks in a Hitchcock-inspired shoot. ph: Gustavo Papaleo

4 Naomi Standing & Chair 3 Naomi in the shadows 2 Naomi Sofa

Laura sawyer – The Times cover : Frank Lampard

May 28th, 2013

Laura prop styling  and set design for The Times magazine cover of Frank Lampard.

To view more of her work:

Behind the scenes :

Photography by Mitch Jenkins

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 17.10.48