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Rebecca Woods

July 23rd, 2017

professional food stylist, recipe writer and developer and cookery editor

Rebecca Woods has always had a passion for food, which saw her working in commercial kitchens from a young age. After spending years editing and developing cookery books, she completed a Cordon Bleu Diploma and successfully moved into professional food styling. She now styles, writes recipes and still keeps her hand in on editorial work for commercial clients and publishers
Client list: Pavilion, Vermilion, Harper Collins, Quadrille, Nourish Books, Carlton Books, BBC Good Food magazine, Olive magazine, Greatcoat Films, Harrods, Merchant Gourmet, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times and Bonnier Publishing.


Mr Hyde – National Burger Day





dawn brown

June 19th, 2017

Dawn Brown
professional food stylist, home economist

Dawn is a sought after professional international food stylist originally from Toronto, Canada. Dawn’s work has appeared in Europe, the Middle East and in the US. She has over 15 years food styling experience with her work embracing commercial photography, packaging, TV, and digital media.

She began her career with the Four Seasons Hotel chain where her passion for beautiful, delicious food and wine flourished. To each and every new project, she brings an extensive knowledge of the world of food, culinary ability, creativity and a sound appreciation of her clients’ food specific needs.

Dawn has styled several Mediterranean cookbooks, including:  Baroulko with Lefteris Lazarou, Aegean Cuisine and Classic Ikonoclastic Kerasma, published by the Greek Ministry of Tourism. Her client list includes IKEA, Pizza Hut, Lidl, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Barilla, Tassimo, Oreo, Olympos, Maggi, Kanakis, Everest, Grigoris, Alfa Beer…to name a few.



SCANDAL_MAIN 33” – Ice Cream from STYLE DEPARTMENT on Vimeo.


Alfa Weiss Beer from Avion Films on Vimeo.

Stills Folio

Alex Paganelli

June 1st, 2017

Professional Food stylist, menu & product developer

Alex comes from a multicultural background, having an Italian father and a British mother. In addition, he was raised in France where he was heavily influenced by French and Italian cooking. During his early years, he lived in the French Alps and later in the French Riviera. He specialises in classic French cuisine with an emphasis on baking and Viennoiserie as well as chocolate making, which he learned while working in Switzerland. Since moving to London 11 years ago he has had the opportunity to train in the various kitchens of the Capital. This has lead to a particular interest in Asian, South American and Modern European cooking techniques. Alex currently consults for new City start-up, Olive + Squash. He creates seasonal recipes, based on the farm-to-table concept, which he then adapts for the high street. Alex is also a regular contributor to Ferment, the UK’s leading craft beer magazine. Client list: Nowness, Mulberry, Downton Abbey, Siemens, McDonald’s, Weight Watchers, Byron Hamburgers, Supreme, BBC Good Food amongst others.


Mulberry: Christmas

Nowness: Ice Cream | Sandwich

McDonald’s:  McCafe Festive




Food styling for Patak’s | Foodnetwork

March 7th, 2017

Patak’s Pastes
Food Stylist: Sue Townsend

Sue was the Food Stylist for Patak’s  insert for FoodNetwork. Sue styled the food for a series of videos showcasing  Patak’s products throughout all of them and the end result is a clear overall picture of how to cook with their product.

Style Department – Update winter 2014-2015

January 14th, 2015

style department, food styling

Style Department stylists have been very busy working behind the scenes at some great advertising campaigns,  TV programs, POS and other commercial projects. Some of them are not live yet, so we are looking forward to seeing some of our work out there sometime soon. Other than work, our stylists have been busy on appointments and testing non-stop, when they have spare time.

Here are some updates from our stylists:

Olia Hercules

Olia Hercules shoot with photographer Lydia Whitmore. Shot at Lydia’s Eastend studio, this was a partnership made in heaven.  Props were source by both Olia and Lydia.  Living in Harringay, possibly one of the most culturally diverse borough in North London, Olia was able to find beautiful and exotic produce from local grocers for this shoot.  The results are stunning! See more of her work:Olia Hercules

Olia Hercules, Food stylist, Style Department

food styling: Olia Hercules

In the last three months Olia has food styled for Hungry House print and worked on  the TV commercial, devised recipes for Bonapeti and it’s continuing work in-house for Whirlpool. Worked on behind the scenes of BBC series The Interceptor.  More food styling for  Heathrow Airport eateries – quite a few! Olia has been writing and frequently styling for The Guardian as well as writing and shooting her delicious forthcoming cookbook Mamushka.  She was also nominated Rising Star in food 2015 by The Observer.

Laura Sawyer

Laura has also worked on TV commercial for Mobia, Magnet – watch here: Magnet

Laura Sawyer’s playful monochrome story softened with a muted pallet of pop colours, shot by Jemma Watts. Laura worked on the set and propping.Props and accessories by James UK,  the most loved Anthropologie, ever reliable department store John Lewis, beautiful and intriguing objects from Cire Trudon and Smythson. Wallpapers: Cole & Son, Designers Guild and Camengo.   Despite some logistics nightmares, like the location being too small for the furniture to go upstairs,  Laura and Jemma delivered a lovely result. To view more of  images of this shoot: Laura Sawyer

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, Style Department, Monochrome

Monochrome story


Beautiful Winter Pastel shoot for 91 Magazine, prop and interior styling : Laura Sawyer

Laura Sawyer, Interior stylist, Style Department

Angela Boggiano

Beautiful work for Booths is just breathtaking! She was also very hands-on in choosing and organising the props. Angela’s just finished working on TVCommercial for Philadelphia. We are looking forward to seeing the results. To view more : Angela Boggiano

Angela Boggiano, Food stylist,Turkey Crown Bacon Lattice

Photo: Craig Robertson . Food styling: Angela Boggiano

Alice Adams

Alice has been busy shooting for Fiorucci foods  and their cafe style recipes with photographer Lorenzo Poli. She has also done a Pizza shoot with photographer Marie Sjoberg. To view more: Alice Adams

Fiorucci, Alice Adams, food stylist, Style Department Alice Adams, food stylist, pizza, Style DepartmentSue Townsend

Sue, very experienced home economist and food stylist,  has been working non-stop for Tesco. She has also worked on The Hellmann’s TV commercial, Iceland and a long project on Game of Thrones 5  in Ireland; series 5 is out this Spring – fantasy and period food. Very exciting and high profile projects. To view Sue’s work: Sue Townsend, food stylist

Sue Townsend, Geoff Feeney, food stylist, photographer, Style Department

photographer: Geoff Fenney . food styling: Sue Townsend


Phil Mundy

Phil’s food styled on the TV set for Chanel 4, recipe development and writing including  the shoot for Amex digital campaign, Haagen-Dazs, Quark and videos for Sainsbury’s. To view Phil’s TV and print work:Phil Mundy

Phil Mundy, Food stylist, Quark linguini, Style Department

photographer: Moe Kafer . Food stylist: Phil Mundy


Julia Azzarello

Who doesn’t like a cake for an afternoon tea? Julia Azzarello was busy shooting for Tesco Finest*  POS, InStore and packaging. here are some of her delicious food styling. For more work: Julia Azzarello

Julia Azzarello, food stylist, Tesco, Style Department Julia Azzarello, Tesco Finest, food stylist, Style Department


The Exceptional Culinary Art That Is Food Styling

August 14th, 2014

05.chocolate potsA stunningly beautiful picture of  hot-fudge chocolate pots, strawberry ice cream with a cherry on top, served in a frosted glass; all are bound to whet your appetite. They can stimulate your salivary glands to the point where even your stomach starts to rumble. That is the exquisiteness of food styling and photography; to make you yearn for a bite when flipping through that food magazine. Food styling is the culinary art of arranging food in order to look fresh and overpoweringly tasty.

What does a Food Stylist do? Is their work valuable?

The main purpose of food stylists is to ensure that the food, in the finished photograph, looks stunningly attractive and very easy on the eye. The technique of making meals look their very best however is not easy. It takes a creative mind and alluring artful designs to make the food appear photogenic in a film, video or magazine. The food stylist is a culinary expert who can artfully and carefully enhance, for example, pancake syrup making it look really tasty or making drinks visually appealing.

The difference between the way a home cook or chef presents food, and the way the food stylist presents food is the time and effort a stylist takes to craft and cautiously arrange the food. Creative and sparkling food arrangements are an art that requires culinary training. Food stylists are mostly culinary trained as professional chefs in a cookery school. Some also have a rich background in home economics. So, in essence, a trained home economist can be a stylist.

However, in order for creative stylists to gain work experience, skills in the art of food styling, and entirely envision the finished photograph to style the food accordingly, they must first work as assistants to other food stylists and home economists. They also need to have a wide knowledge in cooking techniques and nutrition. The essentially a year of food styling experience, with credible certifications and seminar courses, can easily earn you a job.

Diverse Types and Importance’s of Food Styling

There are different ways food can be styled to appeal say, to feature films, TV commercials and magazines. In reality, food  and drinks are generally styled to be photographed and appropriately used for menu cards, advertisements in newspapers, restaurants or even posters. Diverse types of Food styling: editorial, advertising, packaging and labelling, feature films and TV commercials.

The importance of matching the right food stylist to the right projects is finesse. Use a stylist who is exceptionally creative and knowledgeable on how to translate the perception, appeal, aroma and taste of the styled dish, to a two-dimensional photograph or video. That way you will achieve utmost excellence in your photography and video projects.



Style Department : Update January 2014

January 26th, 2014

Here are some new work from our artists.

We  are so thrilled to have been busy with new and repeated clients.

We are thankful and looking forward to the New Year.

Alice Adams

new still work and Tropical Sun TV commercial

Alice Adams, food stylist

Alice Adams, food stylist

Sue Townsend

glorious baking for Ford campaign and The Taste UK trailer

Sue Townsend, food stylist, Ford

Julia Azzarello 

Advertising work for Sony, the perfect baking

Julia Azzarello, food stylist, Sony

Julia Azzarello, food stylist, Sony

Phil Mundy

delicious food styling for Haagen Dazs worldwide campaign

Phil Mundy, food stylist, Haagen-Dazs

Camilla Baynham

food styling for Waitrose

waitrose, Camilla Baynham, food stylist

Laura Sawyer
beautiful work for The White Company, interiors, set and props

White Compnay, Laura Sawyer, prop stylist

Laura Sawyer, prop stylist, White Company



















Style Department represents…

March 19th, 2013

The objective of Style Department is simple: to deliver an efficient and friendly service via approachable and experienced styling experts to clients in any creative profession or industry. Style Department is a London based agency representing food stylists, home economists, prop & interior stylists and set designers worldwide. Whether you’re in need of a food stylist, home economist, cookery writer or recipe tester, a prop stylist,  interior stylist, production buyer or set designer, Style Department agency has the answer. This is a food and creative consultancy that represents a plethora of highly skilled and experienced stylists working both in the UK and internationally, who are proficient across all mediums and platforms, from print to digital, publishing to advertising, and everything in between. What’s more, our artists are specifically selected to suit each client and brief, which means you can expect an unmatched level of service when using Style Department agency, guaranteeing stunning results every time.

The objective of Style Department is simple: to deliver an efficient and friendly service via approachable and experienced experts to clients in any creative profession or industry, from design, packaging, publishing and advertising to TV, video, moving images, feature films and multimedia, as well as being entirely adaptable to special projects across the globe. Style Department reflects a combination of knowledge and passion, guaranteeing truly spectacular results that can be relied upon to deliver whatever the brief. To view our stylist’s work: style department.

We look forward to working with you.

professional food stylist, professional prop stylist, professional recipe writers, professional set design