Julia Azzarello, food stylist for tesco finest*

Julia Azzarello, has been working with Tesco Finest* for quite a while on their POS and Instore shoots. Julia has been working as a food stylist for the last six years, and she has worked with some great photographers along the way. In the past, Julia has baked a storm for a Sony Campaign with International photographer Richard Stow. She created beautiful old fashioned confectioneries, photographed by the talented Dante Ferrris and Roger Dean. Some of her clients: Cake Group, BBC Books, Tefal, Sassy Films, Snowflake Gelato, Boots, and Hodder and Stoughton. Julia has food styled for JML  videos and  advertising campaign for East Coast Trains. The latter is not live yet, so we are looking forward to seeing the results. to view more: Julia, food stylist

Here are some of the latest images for Tesco Finest* by food stylist Julia AzzarelloJulia Azzarello, Tesco finest, Homebake, food stylist

Julia Azzarello, Finest Tesco, Tempura Prawns, food stylist, Style Department

Julia Azzarello, Tesco Fines, Croissant, Food stylist, Style Department