Ever wondered how our fabulous food stylists create the beautiful work they produce?

Read on for a few tips and tricks on how to make your plates picture-perfect: 


  1. 1) Choose Your Ingredients Wisely 
  2. When it comes to setting up a food shot, it’s important to spend time picking and choosing the most visually appealing of the ingredients you have available – the plumpest tomatoes, the most tender cut of steak, the juiciest raspberries. This will translate into the image immediately, and will save time on trying to beautify the ingredients using styling tools later on.

2 test sue and laura2549

 Styling by Sue Townsend


2) Tell The Story

It’s important to remember to think outside the box when styling a food shot – especially if the image in question is for an editorial photo shoot.
The image doesn’t need to literally be the final stage of a time-consuming recipe – why not tell the story with the spices used, the herbs that have been diced or feature some stray sliced veg in the shot? The process is often more visually interesting than the finished product. 

juliet0170 low 1

Styling by Juliet Sear


3) Get Messy!

The best shots are the ones that don’t look too staged and perfect. Don’t be afraid to get a little messy and add some smears of jam or a few stray crumbs – it adds personality and movement to the image. Although please be warned – there is a difference between messy and mess; make sure to include touches that look appetising and not unsightly. 

breakfasts 144

Styling by Steffi Knowles-Dellner