ALPRO_Powered by Oat Campaign

Just after lockdown restrictions were eased,  prop stylist Victoria Edridge  worked on the latest ad campaign for Alpro with three high profile talents and shot  at a London studio.

The brief : the recreation of the iconic ‘Make Mine Milk’ AD  but with a new twist featuring the mOAT-stache.
3 talent over 3 days at loft studios with full PPE .


Nicola Adams OBE

Pixie Lott

Vinnie Jones


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Alpro Oats - "powered by oat"59dae4ed fcdf 4d9d 86d5 8646f15ae1f7

Alpro Oats - "powered by oat"

Alpro Oats - "powered by oat"

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Alpro Oats - "powered by oat"