How to pull off the perfect BBQ for the camera

day 2 grill smoke bbq 12 photography by kris kirkham repped by style department

When it comes to BBQ food, we’re looking for that succulent styling with the perfect grill marks, which makes you want to reach through the screen and take a gigantic bite out of that burger. But how do our Stylists achieve that perfect BBQ style, whilst adhering to health and safety hygiene and dietary requirements if food is being eaten on camera. We don’t want to get the talent (actors, models) sick, and we must comply to personal dietary requirements. Sometimes meat faking is necessary, such as making a vegetable look like ‘meat’ for vegetarian or vegans, whilst still ensuring its edible.  

An incredibly important yet overlooked aspect of BBQ preparation, particularly when meat is involved for consumption, is health and safety. Not a glamorous subject but oh so important to have a Stylist in control who is both officially qualified with a reputable provider and has the knowledge of food safety, hazards, food preparation and equipment and hygiene. Without it, well…disaster! All Style Department’s Stylists are health and safety certified and we have no doubt in their capabilities to produce a BBQ that not only looks unbelievable but is compliant in all the right places.

Check out Style Department’s fantastically talented Food and Drinks Stylists and see for yourself the fantastic BBQ work they have produced. If you’d like to contact us about working with any of our talent, email or call us on [email protected] / +44 (0) 7969 766 652.

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