Capturing Culinary Delights: Itsu’s Mouthwatering Food Photography Campaign”

Explore Itsu’s latest food photography campaign featuring delectable gyoza bowls, enticing viewers with the tantalizing caption “by us or by you – eat beautiful.” Discover how the fusion of home-cooked and restaurant-prepared dishes creates a seamless culinary experience.

itsu by us ph kris kirkhamph Kris Kirkham

Immerse yourself in the delectable world of Itsu’s latest food photography campaign, where the artistry of gastronomy meets visual storytelling. With the captivating caption “by us or by you – eat beautiful,” this billboard campaign showcases the essence of culinary creativity.

At the heart of the campaign are two enticing bowls of gyoza, each offering a glimpse into the possibilities of dining experiences. One bowl is meticulously crafted at home, while the other emanates the flavours of Itsu’s renowned restaurant. The aim is to demonstrate to consumers that they can savour the same exquisite flavours in the comfort of their own kitchen.

Central to the shoot’s success were the hero ingredients—the gyozas themselves. It was paramount to ensure their prominence in both bowls while maintaining a sense of naturalness and continuity. The addition of complementary ingredients further fueled the imagination, inviting viewers to envision their culinary creations while highlighting the offerings available at Itsu’s establishments.

Building upon a previous campaign, which featured a vibrant explosion of ingredients from a vegetarian Itsu takeaway dish, meticulous planning and perspective trickery was employed to create visually striking compositions. Careful consideration was given to the interplay of ingredients, with some delicately emerging from underneath the bowls and others playfully overlapping, simulating an explosion of flavours and textures.

Collaboration was vital in bringing these visions to life. Brainstorming sessions between the client, food stylist, and creative team paved the way for innovative concepts and meticulously crafted compositions. The food stylist’s expertise was instrumental in capturing the essence of each dish, elevating the images to new heights of culinary artistry.

In essence, Itsu’s food photography campaign celebrates culinary diversity and creativity. From the artfully arranged gyozas to the explosion of vibrant ingredients, each image tells a story of flavour, texture, and innovation, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of gastronomic delight.

Kris Kirkham