Fairytale banquete by food photographer Kris Kirkham

fairytale banquet sweet photographer kris kirkham props davina food katy kordalisSweet Banquete

Once upon a time, a group of dreamers had a wild idea in a land not too far from here. They wanted to bring the magic of fairytales to life, not just in stories but in reality. And so, they set out to create the most enchanting banquet the world had ever seen.

Opulent tables stretch as far as the eye can see, adorned with a feast fit for kings and queens. But these are no ordinary spreads. The food is so exquisite it seems to defy reality itself. There are fruits so vibrant they glow like jewels, pastries so delicate they practically dance on the plate, and savoury dishes that whisper promises of culinary bliss.

fruit photographer kris kirkham props davina food katy kordalisFruit Banquete

But our intrepid dreamers needed more than that. Oh no, they wanted to take it a step further. They wanted to blur the lines between what is real and what is merely a figment of imagination. So, they devised a plan to infuse their banquet with a sense of symmetry and motion, like a gyroscope spinning in the air.

You can almost imagine guests wandering through this banquet; they wouldn’t help but feel like they have stepped into a fairytale realm. The tables seem to float in perfect harmony, each dish meticulously placed to create a visual symphony of flavours. And the longer you gazed upon these fantastical scenes, the more wonders you discover.

They are a feast for the senses, where reality is intertwined with fantasy in the most delicious way possible. This was no ordinary banquet. These images celebrate the magic that happens when dreams dare to come true.

This shoot was a collaboration between food photographer Kris Kirkham, food stylist Kathy Kordalis, and prop/set stylist Davina Perkins.

citrus photographer kris kirkham props davina food katy kordalis 1Citrus Banquete cheese and veg photographer kris kirkham props davina food katy kordalisCheese and Vegetable Banquete fairytale banquet savoury photographer kris kirkham props davina food katy kordalisSavoury Banquete